A family enterprise dedicated to winemaking.


Domenico Moro and his family, born with the passion for winemaking, come to these vineyards in 1960 as sharecrop farmers. Their hard work, dedication and top quality produce enable them to purchase in 1972 the land on which they have been so successfully working. “Azienda Agricola MORO Fratelli” is born.

Sergio and Luigi MORO become through the years part of the history of “Prosecco “wines. In 1992 Sergio MORO creates its own enterprise that, with time , makes the company that bears his name a distinctive guarantee of a unique wine.

Today “Azienda Agricola MORO Sergio” combines tradition, complete dedication, passion with evolution in winemaking. Success enables the construction of the new cellar in 2010. In turn new premium wines are produced making the label range even more appealing and appreciated.